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Patriots - Buccaneers - Five impressive Bucs on offense

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With the positives and negatives on defense done, as well as the negatives on offense, we come to the positives on offense. Who managed to shine in a pretty abysmal outing? 

T Jeremy Trueblood
I've been very critical of Jeremy Trueblood, who has been a poor pass blocker in the past, but he has actually put up two very strong performances this preseason. Mind you, he has not yet faced a real edge rusher, but he has prevented pass rushers from getting by him, and has looked his usual strong self in the run game. While it looked like he was beaten on one play, the rusher came past him at such a depth that the quarterback would not have been in trouble - if it hadn't been for a free rusher coming up the middle at him. Raheem Morris called this Trueblood's "most solid game" in a while, and I completely agree with that. 

He has really separated himself from James Lee and clearly earned the starting job. Trueblood's biggest weakness has always been adjusting to speedy pass rushers, though, and he has not faced them so far this preseason. 

QB Josh Johnson
While Johnson's numbers didn't look good, he continued to look like a competent quarterback. Drops hurt his, and a few of his passes were off the mark, but Johnson was constantly pressured and handled it well. He's obviously not pushing Josh Freeman for a starting job, but some team will give him a shot to compete for a starting job in free agency next year. 

WR Preston Parker
Catching both passes thrown his way, Parker looked a lot better than he did last week. Although he didn't look great as a punt returner, the fact that he caught the balls he needed to catch and showed the ability to get open bodes well for him. With Ed Gant not really showing up so far, it's entirely possible that both Parker and Spurlock make the roster. 

RB Allen Bradford
Bradford looked like a much better runner in this game. He showed some burst and some wiggle, and the ability to hit it inside. He still danced too much in the backfield for my tastes and I didn't really see the powerful downhill runner we were promised, but he did look like a better runner. 

OT Demar Dotson
Dotson looked lost at left tackle last week, but looked much better at right tackle in the first half against the New England Patriots. He looked comfortable and consistently shut out the pass rusher across from him. In the second half he moved back to left tackle and did not look as comfortable, producing a false start once. Still, he didn't look bad at left tackle either.