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Ted Larsen could make or break the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offensive line

Ted Larsen was a surprise starter last year after Jeff Faine was injured and Keydrick Vincent was released. With Jeremy Zuttah at center, Larsen had to step in at left guard and performed admirably for a rookie. He certainly didn't blow anyone away, but he didn't seem to make many mistakes and he performed adequately as both a run-blocker and a pass-blocker. Going into his second season, the second-year player has been named the unequivocal starter at left guard, with Zuttah likely functioning as the swing backup. 

Ted Larsen has supposedly looked great in training camp, but he will be the Bucs' least experienced start on the offensive line next season. He was adequate last season, but not much more than that. Ted Larsen certainly has the talent to be a good starting left guard, but talent is not the same as skill. Larsen needs to be stronger overall and improve his technique on last year. The good news is that  he's looked very good in camp and has reportedly worked hard this offseason on both power and technique. . 

But the offensive line needs to be good across the board for it to play well. Perhaps even more important than having talent across the board is having players that communicate well. This takes time and experience to develop, which is why Larsen, who has been with the team for less than a year, could make or break this offensive line. Larsen has the talent, now he needs to develop the power, the skill and the chemistry with his linemates. If he does that, this offensive line could be good and productive. If he is the weak link, this line will remain stagnant. While the eyes are on James Lee and Jeremy Trueblood, and Davin Joseph was re-signed for a large number, Ted Larsen could be crucial to the line's production.