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Fantasy Football draft advice for Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Last year, the Buccaneers had a number of players become relevant in fantasy football. Mike Williams and Josh Freeman were steady performers, though not stars, throughout the year while Legarrette Blount exploded midway through the season. Kellen Winslow disappointed as a fantasy tight end, although he had a couple of solid games late in the season. But last year many of these players could be picked up late in drafts as sleepers, and the same won't be true this season. 

Legarrette Blount has an Average Draft Position of 3.01, as the 15th rinning back off the board. That's pretty early for a back who will likely see very few goalline touches, and is at risk of losing his touches at the end of the game as well. While Greg Olson has said he wants to commit to the run, and has done so early in games before, Legarrette Blount has generally been pulled by the Bucs when they needed to grind down the clock at the end of games. This hurts Blount's value, and I would consider this too early to draft Blount. He has some upside, but it's more likely that he will disappoint those who draft him that high. 

Mike Williams at 3.12 represents a little better value. He's the 13th listed receiver, which seems about right. Williams had a pretty big year last season, but should have an even bigger year in 2011. The former Syracuse receiver has looked strong in workouts, and will be the focus of the Bucs' passing game. Freeman trusts Williams to go up and make a grab which will really help him in the redzone as well. Williams is a good grab at that position, though it won't be a steal. 

Josh Freeman has the chance to be a very good value pickup. Last year he was a steady performer, never having a bad game, but he also only had one great game: when he threw 5 TDs against the Seattle Seahawks. At 7.11 he is the 11th quarterback listed, but he should be a little higher than that. He has a chance to be a top 5 QB, and he has plenty of offensive weapons to do so at this point. In addition, his value running the ball cannot be underestimated, and should put him above the likes of Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan on your draft chart. 

But the real steal could be  Kellen Winslow, though. Winslow didn't have the biggest year last season, but he is a valuable part of the Bucs' passing offense and looks fully healthy. The addition of Luke Stocker could take some targets away, but if Winslow and Freeman can develop a rapport early, he could have a huge year. 11.10 is his ADP, and I'd certainly try to grab him a couple of rounds earlier.