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Who will be the Bucs third-down back? Cadillac Williams drawing interest from other teams

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have not yet brought back last year's third-down back Cadillac Williams. Instead, they seem to be evaluating a number of younger players in a third-down role: Kregg Lumpkin and Allen Bradford, while they are also giving Legarrette Blount the chance to expand his role. The Bucs also have a couple of other rookie running backs in training camp who could compete for the spot, most notably Mossis Madu and Armando Allen. Finally, if they feel that none of these guys can do the job, they can turn to the experienced Earnest Graham

But none of these options offer what sturdy old Carnell Williams would offer. Earnest Graham is as experienced and capable as a pass-blocker, but is no longer relevant as a pass-catching back. Kregg Lumpkin and Allen Bradford are both unknowns at this point, although this hasn't scared off the bucs at other positions. And the undrafted rookies? Well, they'll struggle to even make the roster, let alone earn a third-down role. And aside from Lumpkin, all of these younger guys will struggle to understand the passing game and playbook with the limited offseason. 

The ideal third-down back for the backs should be Cadillac Williams. He was a very dependable pass-blocker, and converted a lot of crucial third-downs as a pass-catcher. Yes, he is an older guy and that doesn't fit the team philosophy, which is why the Bucs are looking at the younger players they have on the roster. If any of these guys really shine in a third-down role, and Lumpkin has the biggest chance of doing so because of his experience, then you can probably say goodbye to Cadillac Williams. But if no one shines and the Bucs aren't comfortable, Cadillac will likely be back. 

There's only one problem there: the St. Louis Rams are interested in Cadillac Williams too. And if Cadillac Williams signs elsewhere, the Bucs are down one reliable option. While that likely won't make the difference over the season, it would limit the Bucs on passing downs.