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So how bad was the Bucs offensive line against the Patriots?

A clean pocket! Wow!
A clean pocket! Wow!

Last night was ugly. The Buccaneers' first team got destroyed. On offense, a lot of the blame has been heaped on the offensive line. And to an extent, that is entirely fair. The line got absolutely no push in the run game, simply whiffing on some blocks. The Bucs couldn't run the ball at all against the New England Patriots, and the offensive line was a big part of that. The Bucs cannot succeed if the offensive plays like that, as on every first-team run at least one offensive lineman blew a block, and on none of them the line got any kind of push. 

At the same time, the first-team offensive line was not nearly as bad as a pass-blocking unit. The bigger issue there was protection calls, as the Bucs let rushers come free on four of 12 pass plays. That's not the offensive line's fault, as Josh Freeman is responsible for the protection calls.

Offensive linemen got beat on a couple of plays, but on each of those plays Freeman had a couple of seconds to throw the ball before a rusher got to him. There was one play on which Freeman really didn't have a chance because an offensive lineman missed a block, and that was on a play-action pass where pretty much the entire offensive line whiffed. 

The offensive line got its butt whooped in the run game, but it played well enough to win in the pass game. The problems there can be fixed, as they were caused by schematic issues than individual breakdowns. As the Bucs did little gameplanning for this game, look for the problem of free rushers to be solved once the regular season starts. It wasn't a problem last year, and there's no reason to believe it will be a problem this year.