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Bucs Monday Practice Notes - Erik Lorig participating in pads, Bucs in overextended market

Another day, another practice. The Bucs had a practice in full pads today, preparing themselves for the New England game on Thursday. Not a lot of notes today, but still a couple of interesting bits.

  • Erik Lorig is back at practice, and in full pads. He seems on track to play Thursday against the New England Patriots. Lorig should be the starter once the season starts. Arrelious Benn was also practicing, but is not expected to practice tomorrow. 
  • It was alumni day, which means Martin Gramatica, Tony Mayberry, Corey Ivy, Jerry Bell, Marcus Jones and Jorge Diaz were among those present
  • Armando Allen Jr. continued to flash as a running back. He could be a threat to make the roster. He certainly seems to be having a much better camp than Allen Bradford
  • James Lee walked off the field and went to the training room. Could be an injury, could also be nothing. If it's an injury, that's yet another hit to Lee's bid for a starting role. 
In an unrelated note, The Business Journals claims that the Tampa Bay area is the fourth most overextended market in the nation. Simply put: the area isn't wealthy enough to sustain three sports teams. It's the economy, stupid.