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Bucs Nation Open Thread: First Football of the (Pre)Season


The preseason finally starts tonight, with five games that no one really will want to watch ten minutes in. Still, it's football! For the first time since the Super Bowl. Finally, we'll have a real snap of football again. If you're like me, you've been looking forward to this for quite some time. So, that's why we have this Open Thread. Talk about whatever in the thread, as long as it's about football. 

Hit the jump to see tonight's schedule.

7:30 PM - Baltimore Ravens @ Philadelphia Eagles:
Probably the most interesting matchup today. A stingy defense that has been at the top of the NFL for over a decade against Michael Vick and the Eagles' explosive offense. 

7:30 PM - Jacksonville Jaguars @ New England Patriots:
The Jags seemed kind of quiet during free agency, but added a lot of free agents, especially on defense. The Pats were a little more active, though Haynesworth isn't expected to play. 

8:00 PM - Seattle Seahawks @ San Diego Chargers:
The Chargers get to rip up the facsimile of a defense the Seahawks will put up, while Tarvaris Jackson gets to try to dissect a pretty good San Diego defense. Yeah, this should be pretty one-sided. 

8:30 PM - Denver Broncos @ Dallas Cowboys
Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow vs a Ryan defense. That should be disastrous. I'm curious to see how Von Miller will do. 

10:00 PM - Arizona Cardinals @Oakland Raiders:
As if this start time wasn't bad enough, it's the Cardinals against the Raiders. I have nothing good to say about this matchup.