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Bucs Friday Notes - Raymond Webber out for the year, Quincy Black as nickel LB

According to Pewter Report, Raymond Webber could be out for the year. With three torn tendons in his hamstring, the undrafted rookie will likely spend the year on IR and will come back to compete for a roster spot next year. It's a shame, because Webber had been drawing positive reviews in training camp. The undrafted rookie led the nation in catches and receiving yards last season, becoming only the second player to ever catch more than 100 balls in a season in the SWAC, the other player being Jerry Rice. 

Here are the other notes on Friday's events: 


  • Gerald McCoy, Brian Price and Kellen Winslow were missing from practice according to Stephen Holder. Winslow has had an adjusted practice schedule to manage his knee in the past, though he hasn't missed many (if any) practices this year yet. Price and McCoy have missed several practices these past days, and that may put their participation in Friday's preaseason game in jeopardy. 
  • In today's press conference, Raheem Morris noted that Mason Foster won't be on the field on passing downs. This makes sense as this limits what Foster needs to learn to get ready for the season. Geno Hayes and Quincy Black would be the nickel linebackers, and both were on the field on passing downs frequently last season. 
  • In addition, this would allow the Bucs to get Quincy Black, Geno Hayes and Dekoda Watson on the field in their 3-3-5 package, which gives them a lot of speed and versatility, both in blitzes and in coverage. Expect Foster to get some of these snaps as he learns the defense. 
  • Raheem also noted that Da'Quan Bowers will play against the Chiefsbut Arrelious Benn won't. Benn has reportedly looked 100% in practice, but the Bucs have been careful to limit his contact and reps as he's coming back from a torn ACL.