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Tampa Bay Buccaneers re-sign Adam Hayward to three-year deal, round out linebacking corps

Mark Dominik appeared on 620WDAE to speak on the Buccaneers, and announced that linebacker Adam Hayward had been signed to a three-year contract. Re-signing the veteran linebacker was always likely, as the Bucs needed a reliable backup linebacker. Hayward has the ability to play all three linebacker positions, and got some significant playing time at Sam linebacker after Quincy Black went down with injury. Hayward and rookie Dekoda Watson platooned and produced solid results at the position. 

Hayward was a sixth-round draft pick in 2007 and is going into his fifth year in the NFL. While Hayward has never been a candidate to fight for a starting role, he has been a situational player and a core special teamer. Getting him back in the fold gives the Bucs a reliable option if a linebacker were to suffer an injury. 

By signing Hayward the Bucs have rounded out their linebacking corps, which now consists of Quincy Black, Tyrone McKenzie, Geno Hayes, Mason Foster, Dekoda Watson and Adam Hayward. The Bucs also have undrafted rookies Nick Reveiz, Derrell Smith, Victor Aiyewa and Brandon Heath, as well as practice squad player Lawrence Simoni. Those players will have to excel on special teams to make the roster, and Derrell Smith and Nick Reveiz stand a decent chance of making it to the practice squad. 

To make room for Hayward on the roster, the Bucs cut undrafted rookie RB Deonte' Jackson. I wasn't even aware that guy was on the roster right now.