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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had more arrests this offseason than any other team

Rotoworld has kept track of all NFL arrests this offseason, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lead the league in arrests. Even in the offseason the Bucs remain committed to setting records. 

The four Buccaneers they've listed are Alex Magee (cited for possessing marijuana), Aqib Talib (felony assault with a deadly weapon), Assistant to the Head Coach Jay Kaiser (DUI) and Director of Pro Scouting Shelton Quarles (DUI). Brian Weiss, former Luxury Suite Sales Manager, was also listed, though it's not clear whether he was even employed by the Bucs at the time of his arrest. When asked about Brian Weiss' status with the team after the arrest, 'sources' told several separate reporters that he was no longer a Buccaneer. Weiss was charged with "traveling to meet a minor for sex, obscene communication using a computer, and lewd and lascivious behavior."


The Bucs also had several in-season arrests, as Geno Hayes was arrested for misdemeanor trespassing, and Jerramy Stevens was arrested on drug charges. Stevens was immediately released. In addition, Mike Williams was arrested for DUI, but those charges were dropped as he never failed any of the alcohol or drug test administered to him. 

These incidents should never happen, but can never be entirely prevented either. The Bucs punish these transgressors in-house, but never make their actions in these cases public. This wave of arrests has to concern the front office, and it could lead them to take some very public action once the lockout is over. At the same time, all these people are valuable to the team, and the first concern of the team should always be to win games. Besides that, it's not clear whether teams or the NFL would even be allowed to discipline players for any behavior during the lockout.