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Daily Bucs Links 7/9/11 - Cadillac Might Leave, But Aqib Talib Will Probably Stay

PR Predicts: RB Cadillac Williams | Pewter Report
According to Pewter Report the Bucs aren't particularly enthusiastic about keeping Caddy, because they really like their young running backs. But Legarrette Blount, Kregg Lumpkin and Allen Bradford have not shown any third-down skills, which would leave only Earnest Graham as the third-down back. 

Bucs Beat Video Blog: What to do with Talib? |
Anwar Richardson and Roy Cummings discuss Aqib Talib's position with the Bucs, and they seem to now think he's safe.

Bucs' QB Josh Johnson would love to play for 49ers
Josh Johnson talked to the San Francisco Chronicle about his charity and his future in the NFL. Johnson wants to get a chance to start and he used to be a 49ers fan, so it's no surprise that he would like to play for them. 

Bucs among worst Super-Bowl winning teams | & St. Petersburg Times
Tom Jones reacts to a Bleacher Report article which claims that the Bucs were one of the worst Super Bowl winning teams. That claim seems ridiculous to me, as the Bucs had one of the best defenses in NFL history alongside the 1985 Chicago Bears and the 2000 Baltimore Ravens

Don't forget about Bucs' undrafted free agents | & St. Petersburg Times
The Times talks about the great job the Bucs have done finding quality undrafted free agents, and the need to sign them after the lockout ends. news: 8th U.S. Circuit Court rules lockout remains in place
The story about the 8th Circuit ruling. I don't think this ruling changes much about the negotiations, though. 

[Video] Cheerleaders' Theme Park Visit |
The Bucs cheerleaders took a group of underprivileged kids to the zoo. 

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