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T-Jack's Weekly Unhealthy Addiction

Gentlemen, we have survived. The 4 month long oblivion is over. We have seen a week unlike any other we will ever see again in the NFL. Players have changed teams left and right. Seemingly teams have gone from ok, to Superbowl contenders. (I'm looking at you here Philly.) Our own Buccaneers have shelled out $19 million for a punter.

We have all obsessed over the Bucs reaching the cap floor for 2012 only to find out that in reality there is no cap floor for 2012. We've agonized over the rumored record setting offers made by Dom and the front office. In all of this though there seems to be one secondary story that is getting overlooked.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are back in training camp baby!!!

Right now our boys are laying the ground work for the 2012-2013 campaign. Our goal last year was to get to 10 wins which in most cases will get you into the playoffs. We achieved that goal however fell short of the playoffs. (Thank you Detroit...) This year given our performance last year the expectations have grown. We're not aiming for a winning record. We're not aiming for 10 wins. We're not trying for the playoffs. We want a championship. We want the Lombardi Trophy back in our town. But Rome wasn't built in a day nor are championship football teams. (Again looking at you here Philly) What we're doing right now in training camp is setting the tone for our team for the rest of the year. Already we've had a few reports coming in from One Buc Place.

Brian Price is apparently better but would really benefit from some 2-a-days right now.

Tyrone Mckenzie is apparently taking the majority of the snaps with the first team defense.

LGB and Gerald McCoy apparently showed up in shape and have slimmed down quite a bit.

Apparently all our draft picks are in camp.

Apparently Regis Benn is right on schedule to be ready for the start of the season.

If you're not catching on yet there's a theme going on here. I say "apparently" because we haven't had any first hand reports coming in from training camp 2011. We're going to fix that tomorrow because I'll be live at One Buc Place. The evening practice tomorrow night is open to the public and starts at 5:15pm.

I'll also be heading back to the bay next Sunday for the night practice that starts at 6:30pm in Raymond James Stadium. They're going to have $1 hot dogs and $1 sodas. To cap it all off they're even going to do a fireworks show at 9:00pm.

My levels of ampedness are at a record high and if you're feeling the same then I'm proposing that we go out and represent Bucs Nation en force! If' anyone is interested in heading down to Tampa with me to catch either of these practices please drop me a line at

It's a great time of year men (And women if there are any that frequent our site). For all the talk of free agents and the cap floor we're still barrelling towards the start of the pre-season and just 5 weeks away from the regular season.

I'll post live tomorrow from training camp at One Buc Place. See you all at 5:30!