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Daily Bucs Links 7/30/11 - Training Camp under way, Expectations: Super Bowl

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TAMPA, FL - JULY 29:  Quarterback Josh Freeman #5 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers throws a pass during the team's first pre-season training camp practice July 29, 2011 at One Buccaneer Place in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
TAMPA, FL - JULY 29: Quarterback Josh Freeman #5 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers throws a pass during the team's first pre-season training camp practice July 29, 2011 at One Buccaneer Place in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Mark Dominik clarifies Bucs' spending, salary floor | Tampa Bay Buccaneers blog: Bucs Beat | & St. Petersburg Times
Most notably: there is no per-team spending floor this year. There is, however, a leaguewide cash spending floor of 99% this year. Interestingly, this means the Bucs could have continued to not hand out contracts. Regardless, this shouldn't pose any kind of problem. As I explained earlier,if the Bucs wanted to they could already have met the salary floor. 

Expectations high as Bucs head back to work |
The Buccaneers expect a Super Bowl this season. Ambition is good, but they at least have to win a playoff game for this season to be anything but a disappointment in my eyes. 

Bucs rookie Da'Quan Bowers debuts, jumps in at full speed  | & St. Petersburg Times
Da'Quan Bowers faced injury concerns and that caused him to drop in the draft, but he looks to be completely ready. His knee could still be a long-term concern that could shorten his career, but it looks like it won't affect him in the short term. 

Bowers Healthy With 'Log' On His Shoulder | Pewter Report
A player didn't get picked first overall, so now he has a chip (or, in this case, log) on his shoulder. Well, that's nothing new. 

Ex-Bull McKenzie gets shot as Bucs' starting LB |
Tyrone McKenzie played MLB with the first team yesterday, so it looks like he's in the lead, for now. 

Dominik Free Agency Q&A | Pewter Report
A long Q&A with Mark Dominik on free agency. Free agency isn't over yet and the Bucs could certainly come away with a free agent or two. But spending big in free agency isn't part of the plan. 

Bucs notes: Rookie Foster prepared to start if needed |
The Tribune's set of notes on training camp. 

Former St. Pete Catholic star Jock Sanders hopes for a home with the Bucs | & St. Petersburg Times
The Times' training camp notes. 

DT Price Progressing Well | Pewter Report
It sounds like Brian Price is basically healed, but has to get back in shape and will still be limited a little in practice by the four screws in his hip. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers GM Mark Dominik says he'll spend wisely in free agency - St. Petersburg Times
Stick to the plan and spend wisely. Mark Dominik's mantra. 

The Tennessee Titans are looking at a LB Barrett Ruud
Looks like Barrett Ruud may find himself a new home. The Bucs are most likely saying goodbye to Ruud, in part because he isn't a great run-stuffing MLB. The Titans are saying goodbye to their MLB Stephen Tulloch because he can't cover. The grass is always greener on the other side. 

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Joseph, Trueblood, Black, Koenen can sign tonight, must wait until Aug. 4 to practice | & St. Petersburg Times
Due to CBA rules, the unrestricted free agents (who have all signed by now) cannot practice until the CBA is ratified by the NFLPA and the league year begins, which should happen around August 4. 

If Ruud is gone, Bucs need someone to QB the defense |
Stating the obvious. Quincy Black could take over that role, but Tyrone McKenzie should know the system well enough to do so as well. 

Tampa Has Cap Room to Spare, So Naturally the Bucs Gave a Punter $19 Million | The Big Lead
A scathing review of the Bucs' offseason. Predict: 5-11. As always, people overreact to short-term actions. The Bucs have passed up opportunities to get better so far, but they have a lot of youthful talent on the roster. I guess the contract is easy to make fun of, though. Ask yourself: when was the last time an offseason winner (usually Washington) actually made an impact during the regular season?

Why the Bucs got Michael Koenen - NFC South Blog - ESPN
One word: kickoffs. 

The Tampa Bay Buc’s Puzzling Free Agency Period – Obsessed With Sports
Another one bashing the Bucs. 

Age-old questions in the NFC West - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The ESPN NFC West looks at the youngest teams in the NFL. The youngest: the Bucs. Of course. 

The Buccaneers just gave a $19 million contract to a punter - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
More making fun of the punter contract. Everyone seems to ignore the fact that this move does actually make this team better, and it won't actually hurt the team. 

Morris Doesn't Shut Door On Ruud, But Praises Foster, McKenzie | Pewter Report
Raheem Morris loves Barrett Ruud, that's no secret, but Morris isn't the one negotiating contracts. 

An Unsung Hero In The League Office - 08.01.11 - SI Vault
Read about the man who made the labor negotiations work. 

Morris says P Koenen is a game-changer | & St. Petersburg Times
Raheem Morris loves to overstate, but Koenen does add value to the Bucs. 

Training Camp 7/29: Morning Practice
Pewter Report's pictures of the morning practice in training camp. 

[Video] HC Morris's PC - Training Camp Day 1|
Raheem Morris' press conference, for those who want to watch it. 

Bucs' goal for 2011: win NFC South division |
Winning the division will be difficult, as the NFC South may be the toughest division in football. 

Video: Breaking down Bowers, first day of camp | & St. Petersburg Times
Rick Stroud and Stephen Holder talk about the first day of camp, focusing on Da'Quan Bowers. 

Making sense of the madness | National Football Post
Andrew Brandt talks about the different moves in the NFL. 

Black Feels Right At Home With Bucs | Pewter Report
Ahmad Black grew up in the area and grew up a Bucs fan, so it's no surprise he feels comfortable here. 

Rick Reilly - NFL back in business - ESPN
Agent Peter Schaffer talks to Rick Reilly about the past days of free agency. Note of interest: Schaffer represents Tanard Jackson, and apparently helped Jackson draft his letter to the commissioner in which he asks for reinstatement. 

Bucs sticking with long-term plan - NFC South Blog - ESPN
This is the operative word for Mark Dominik: plan. He has a long-term plan, and he won't deviate from it. 

Dominik, Bucs Sticking to the Plan – Bucs Scene - The Lakeland Ledger - Lakeland, FL - Archive
See? Sticking to the plan. 

Bowers, Price Move Well on Day One |
The Bucs' website has something to say about training camp and the injured players. 

Field Position Win: Bucs Sign Koenen |
And their story on Michael Koenen

Tossing aside linebacker Barrett Ruud would be risky move for Tampa Bay Buccaneers - St. Petersburg Times
Another story emphasizing Ruud's importance with this shortened offseason. 

Bowers has '31 points to make' after draft day slide |
Bowers sure sounds motivated. But so does every draft pick who slides. 

Buccaneers Insider - 1040 ESPN Tampa
Craig Smith, former Bucs Nation editor, gives his thoughts on the first day of training camp. 

Free Agency 2011 - Top 51: 20 Remain |
PFF's list of remaining top free agents. There's not much there for the Bucs to get too excited about. | A Reunion With The Master Of The Jab-O’ Leg - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Brian Price talked to JoeBucsFan about getting ready and his injury. 

New OL Coach Pat Morris Talks Re-Signings, Schemes | Pewter Report
Pat Morris sounds infatuated with Jeremy Trueblood. That's bad. 

Black Happy To Return | Pewter Report
Quincy Black is glad to be back with the Bucs. Apparently other teams were interested, but he preferred Tampa.