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Kareem Huggins Is Getting Better - But Still A Long Way Away

In general, most Bucs are recovering well from injury. Gerald McCoy and Cody Grimm looked 100% in the min-camp after coming off a torn biceps and a broken leg respectively. Quincy Black, Aqib Talib and Davin Joseph participated fully as well. Kellen Winslow hasn't even had surgery for the first time in years. Arrelious Benn is returning from a torn ACL and was running and cutting already, though his rehab has not been completed yet. Only Brian Price and Kareem Huggins are unlikely to be ready for the start of the season. We've already talked about Brian Price, who had a unique surgical procedure and is still working on his rehab. 

Karrem Huggins is different, though. His knee injury isn't really unique, but it is very severe. The Bucs have never said exactly what Huggins tore, but the Tampa Tribune noted that the injury was "very bad" and that "he blew out everything." This hurts Huggins more than most players, as his main asset was speed - and knee injuries often take away speed. The Bucs seem to feel the same way, as Huggins was the only restricted free agent not to be offered a tender before the lockout. 

Still, Kareem Huggins told the St. Petersburg Times that he's close to returning. He was present at the three-day mini-camp this past week, but did not participate in drills. While Huggins may be close to finishing his rehab, he is still a long way away from being ready to return to the field of play. And even if he does return, the odds are against him retaining all of his speed and skills. If he does return, with all of his speed intact, he can be an asset for the Bucs' offense. Unfortunately, he likely won't be on the field in 2011, if ever again.