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Buccaneers Offensive Line Should Be On The Rise

The Bucs offensive line was ok last season, despite what the stats may indicate about it being a top line.  The Buccaneers were 8th in the league in rush yards, but this was in large part due to LeGarrette Blount’s breaking tackles, hurdling opponents, and outrunning the defenses.  The Bucs also may have been 10th in the league in QB sacks allowed, but this was also due to excellent play from Freeman by maneuvering around defensive linemen, being flushed out of the pocket numerous times, and slinging quick throws to his new favorite target Mike Williams.  However, despite these reasons, the Buccaneers still must be seen as having one of the better than average offensive lines.  Freeman was able to pass for nearly 3,500 yards, Blount was able to rush for 1,000 yards, and the stats do say that the Bucs line was near the top, even if they are skewed.

Now bring in our new coach, Pat Morris.  Pat Morris is the Bucs new offensive line coach; he used to be the Vikings offensive line coach and everybody knows how good that line is.  If an offensive line can keep a 40 year old man safe for a year and a half playing football, then I think they know what they are doing.  Besides protecting Brett Favre for 2 seasons, the offensive line of the Vikings also has allowed Adrian Peterson to become one of the best backs, if not the best back, in the NFL right now.  Obviously, Peterson would be an incredible back regardless of the line in front of him, but it certainly helped that he had an offensive line that was coached by Pat Morris.  In the 14 years of his NFL coaching career, Pat Morris has had his offensive lines ranked in the top 10 on eight different occasions. 

When the Buccaneers offensive line has had time to train with their new coach, I think that within a year or two, they will be in the top three of the NFL.  Most of our talent on the line is young and therefore will be able to develop quicker and for a longer period of time; our line is already doing alright, so they will likely improve; and we now have one of the top offensive line coaches to bring along the players to their full potential.  With the experience of Pat Morris and the youth and strength of this offensive line, we will continue to improve.  The future seems bright for this Tampa Bay Buccaneers team and it can only stay shining if the coaching staff and front office continue to bring in coaches and players that will improve the team.