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Davin Joseph is 'ready to stay' in Tampa....with Jeremy Trueblood

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took Davin Joseph and Jeremy Trueblood out to dinner last night, and now it seems that the deal is almost certainly getting done. Davin Joseph sent out a number of positive tweets yesterday after the dinner.

First, he tweeted that he loves the Bucs' new offensive line coach Pat Morris. That should be no real surprise, as Morris is a coach committed to power-blocking, which plays to Davin Joseph's strengths, and Jeremy Trueblood's strengths too. Pat Morris fits this offensive line, and should be able to at least get them to play a little closer to their potential. 

Joseph also tweeted that he's ready for a long-term deal, and that Trueblood is ready stay, which means he's ready to stay. The upside: the Bucs would have to mess  up really badly not to re-sign Joseph now. The downside: Trueblood appears to be coming back as well. Don't get me wrong, Trueblood is a good run-blocker, but he is a liability as a pass-blocker. As long as Trueblood is back to be a back-up to James Lee and not actually pass protecting in games, it's not a big problem, but I'd rather have a backup right tackle who can stop a pass rusher.