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Bucs' GM Supporting Talib

Mark Dominik still considers Aqib Talib a part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and boy is that music to my ears.  It seems that Dominik, contrary to what many thought at the beginning of Talib’s current offseason troubles, is willing to put his faith in Talib once more as well as wait for the legal process to take its course.  This is huge news as it means the Bucs will likely not pursue top free agents Antonio Cromartie or Nnamdi Asomugha and are willing to stick with Aqib.

During Mark Dominik’s first press conference this week, he addressed the Aqib Talib situation with vagueness but gave answers that hint as to what the Bucs will do in the upcoming weeks and for the start of the season.  "I would like to know exactly what the feeling is from Aqib's defense attorneys, where they think this entire process will be heading," Dominik said. "But as of right now, everybody in Tampa should expect Aqib to show up for the first day of training camp."

As mentions, though, "he left himself some wiggle-room by saying if anything unforeseen came along he may reassess, he also later admitted it was unlikely he’d change his mind."

Now that we can be pretty certain the Bucs will not try to spend a large amount of their spend money on a replacement for Talib, it is likely the Bucs will re-sign Davin Joseph.  Unfortunately I don’t think the same can be said for Barrett Ruud as his time is likely over with the signing of Mason Foster to a 4 year deal.  What do you guys think of Dominik’s stance of keeping Talib despite his knowing little about Talib’s incident; and the likely replacement of Ruud?