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More camp bodies streaming in: Brandon Heath, Cory Brandon and Josh Jasper

Keep in mind that none of this official just yet. The Bucs have not made any of this public and it's all based on hearsay. As long as these players have not signed contracts, they can easily sign contracts elsewhere. That goes for the players named yesterday and today, but so far it looks like they will all be with the Bucs during training camp. 

Anyway, the Bucs added three more training camp bodies according to Cory Brandon was an OT for the Oklahoma Sooners. He started in 2009 and did pretty well there, and he certainly has the physical tools to succeed somewhere on the offensive line. The problem is that he did not play a snap in 2010 because Bob Stoops did not feel he was committed to the program. If he can focus on football and commit to the sport he could have some upside. 

Brandon Heath played linebacker at Louisville, but there's not much on him out there. He sounds like another slow guy who struggled with injuries throughout his career. He's likely doomed to be a camp body. 

Josh Jasper is a kicker. He played for LSU and was pretty accurate there, making 47/56 kicks with a career long of 53 yards. He missed one extra point on 76 attempts. The only problem: he's not great on kickoffs. He'll compete with Connor Barth in camp, but I doubt he beats Barth out.