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Open Thread: Tuesday Free Agency

Today is going to be crazy. At 10 a.m. doors of all facilities will open, teams will be allowed to make trades (though they won't be official) and they will be allowed to negotiate with any and all free agents. Besides that, rookies will be allowed to sign immediately.

The Bucs have already agreed to terms with six different undrafted free agents, and they should sign today, unless they change their minds. The Bucs are also after Mark Herzlich, who's also being courted by the Giants, Eagles and Ravens.

So, here's your open thread. Who will be Buccaneers this year?

Update: C Matt Allen, Texas A&M to sign with the Bucs

Update 2: RB Armando Allen Jr., Notre Dame is the next guy. Don't know much about him but he has been productive for Notre dame. Smaller guy, has caught a decent amount of passes.

Update 3: The Bucs were after Mark Herzlich, but he signed with the New York Giants.

Update 4: 3 more Bucs, according to

Cory Brandon (OL, Oklahoma)
Brandon Heath (LB, Louisville)
Josh Jasper (K, LSU)

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