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Daily Bucs Links 7/26/11 - The Lockout is over, Free Agency begins

First, a quick PSA. With the lockout finally over, I know some of you are going to be looking for tickets. SB Nation has partnered up with TiqIQ to provide you with a way to buy tickets. You can see a TiqIQ tab at the top of the main page, or you can follow this link. TiqIQ will give you an overview of all tickets available online in an easy interface, and it's easy to pick the cheapest ticket of the bunch. Plus, if you order via TiqIQ, you're supporting Bucs Nation, so there's that. That's it for the ad here, on to the actual news. 

At last, a deal to end the NFL lockout | National Football Post
Andrew Brandt gives us an excellent overview of the lockout-ending labor deal. 

What to Expect on Tuesday - Offseason Low Down -
Evan Silva gives us a good overview of what to expect today: chaos. 

Taking a look at the Bucs' restricted free agents | & St. Petersburg Times
The St. Petersburg Times goes over the Bucs' restricted free agents. All of them should be back in training camp. 

The CBA in a nutshell | ProFootballTalk
Pro Football Talk gives us a good overview of the CBA.

NFL League Calendar | NFL Labor
This is the official calendar for the NFL. If you want to know what's going to happen and when it's going to happen over the next week or so, look here. 

Bucs C Faine says 'fair deal,' will have repercussions | & St. Petersburg Times
Jeff Faine talks about the consequences of the new labor deal. 

Buccaneers 2011 Training Camp Revealed |
The Bucs' own story on the open practices which start on Friday. Keep an eye on this story if you plan on going, as times and dates are subject to change. 

I also wanted to highlight a couple of stories on Bucs Nation from yesterday:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Free Agents: Who will return, and who won't? - Bucs Nation
Quick thoughts on all the Bucs' free agents, restricted and unrestricted. 

NFL Free Agency and CBA Timeline: Free Agent Negotiations start Tuesday, Training Camp opens on Thursday - Bucs Nation
The timeline as it looks now. 

We have our first new Tampa Bay Buccaneers in free agency: LB Nick Reveiz and QB Mike Coughlin - Bucs Nation
The first two undrafted signings: Nick Reveiz and Mike Coughlin. 

Another three undrafted free agents commit to the Bucs: LB Derrell Smith, WR Raymond Webber and WR Detron Lewis - Bucs Nation
And the next three: Derrell Smith, Raymond Webber and Detron Lewis. 


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Tiki Barber says Bucs, Steelers on 'short list' for comeback |
Tiki Barber says he wants to be a Buc. Again. And I'll say this again: he won't be. 

NFL owners and players nearing an end to lockout and labor dispute in time for full 2011 NFL schedule |
Peter King is back with MMQB, and it's always worth a read. Although this one was outdated really quickly given the fact that he spends most of his time talking about what the CBA could look like. 

One Buc Place getting ready for football |
They're getting ready for football over at the Bucs' headquarters. 

Buccaneers back-to-work FYI - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Pat Yasinskas gives us the state of the Bucs going into free agency. 

NFC South free-agency breakdown - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Here's what Yasinskas thinks the Bucs should do once free agency opens, which would be in 2 hours. 

Summary of the new NFL collective bargaining agreement - NFL -
Here's the presentation the player reps saw before they voted on the CBA. 

NFL Lockout And How We Got Here: Timeline To A New CBA -
Here's the timeline of everything that's happened so far. 

2011 NFL free agent tracker, by position - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
This is a pretty useful Excel file to track free agents. 

Undrafted players get screwed in the new deal | ProFootballTalk
There's a signing bonus limit on undrafted free agents this year: $75,000. Per team. Although this only affects the very top, it does eliminate teams' abilities to outbid one another for undrafted players. 

Mac's Football Blog: 2011 Year-One NFL Rookie Allocation Numbers
These are the rookie salary cap numbers.

[Video] Buccaneers Insider, 7/25/11 |
Football is back, and Mark Dominik talks about the Bucs' plans. 

In the coming hours, we'll learn how the Tampa Bay Buccaneers truly feel about players such as Barrett Ruud and Davin Joseph - St. Petersburg Times
At 10 a.m. teams will be allowed to negotiate with all free agents. Davin Joseph and Barrett Ruud will know how the Bucs feel about them. I'd be shocked if Joseph left Tampa, but Ruud is unlikely to re-sign. 

NFL continues to take fans for granted |
Joe Henderson thinks the fans got shafted. Then again, only one unimportant preseason game was missed.

It's time for the fun to begin |
The Tampa Tribune's story on  the opening of free agency. 

Steuber: 2012 Big Board - Mocking The Draft
For those looking ahead to next year's draft, Mocking the Draft has their big board up. 

A guide for undrafted rookie free agents | National Football Post
This is what Jack Bechta tells his undrafted clients to do: go to a team where you can make the roster and ball out. 

Bill Barnwell's NFL free-agency preview - Grantland
Bill Barnwell gives us a huge preview of free agency. Well worth the read. 

Bucs protected Barth with second-round tender | & St. Petersburg Times
Connor Barth is going nowhere. Other players the Bucs tendered include James Lee (2nd-round compensation), Corey Lynch (6th-round compensation), Elbert Mack (right of first refusal only), Frank Okam (5th-round compensation) and Micheal Spurlock (right of first refusal only).