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NFL Lockout Ends: Player Reps Recommend Ratification of CBA Unanimously

It is now official: the lockout has ended as the NFL player reps have ratified the new CBA Unanimously. The lockout is finally over, and not a single game has been missed. 

You can check out the timeline of what will happen now in our previous story. Also check out our story on the four biggest ways the new CBA affects the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Brady plaintiffs will now have to sign off on this settlement, but they will do so. The courts then have to sign off on the settlement, but this will not be a problem. 

This does not mean the CBA negotiations are entirely done, as there are still some oustanding issues that have to be negotiated with a reformed players union. None of this will hold up the start of the season. Starting tomorrow, facilities will open and teams will start negotiating with free agents. The first Bucs game will be played on August 12, a preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs


Everybody do the Warren Sapp dance!