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Bucs Nation Fantasy Football is here!

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As in previous years, Bucs Nation will have its own Fantasy Football league. Now that the lockout is over, we can finally roll it out. This year we'll be using Yahoo! as the platform, much to my relief. Because Yahoo! is free, there's no limit on the amount of people we can accept into leagues now. So without further ado, you can sign up for the main Bucs Nation league here. The first league is full, second league is here. We're up to league #3 now. 

If that league is full, you can create your own league and post the link below. I'll add it to the story as soon as I see it. With a little luck everyone can find a league to play in with other Bucs Nation readers. 


Yahoo! Fantasy Football supports SB Nation and pigskin awesomeness. It’s also the #1 Fantasy Football game thanks to dazzling player research, instant stats with free live scoring, iPhone, Android, and iPad apps this season. Plus, new scoring categories for long receptions and rush plays. (Yes!) Sign up at