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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wish List

The lockout is nearing its conclusion. The players are now going over the last proposal the owners put out, and DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell are talking about the details. Once the NFLPA agrees to the 

So with that in mind: here's a story idea I stole from Field Gulls: list the players  you want to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to add once free agency starts. Keep it realistic, but tell us who you want to see in a Bucs uniform. Do you want the Bucs to go after Nnamdi Asomugha? Do you want to see Davin Joseph back? Does Randy Moss spike your interest? What about Deuce Lutui? Stephen Tulloch? This will be the richest free agent class in history, and there will be plenty of players who could fit with the Bucs. 

Don't forget about undrafted free agents, either. Ricardo Lockette has size and speed and could add a new dimension to the Bucs' passing attack. There are concerns over Deandre McDaniels' character, but he has talent as a strong safety. Derrick Locke could be a great addition as a pass-catching back. Mark Herzlich did not play that well last season while recovering from cancer treatment, but was well-regarded before his illness. 

So tell us Bucs Nation, who do you want to see?