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Daily Bucs Links 7/23/11 - Open Items in CBA, Analyzing the Bucs Roster

The open items before the league’s approval of the labor deal | ProFootballTalk
This is pretty interesting: Pro Football Talk got their hands on the labor deal the way it looked on Wednesday, before the owners ratified it. There are a number of open items on there, and it's not clear whether any of them were actually resolved in negotations.

While NFL Owners Ratify Proposal, Here’s the Final Steps Needed to Get a CBA in Place - SportsMoney 
A quick summary of what needs to happen for the labor deal to be finalized. 

Breaking down the Tampa Bay Buccaneers position by position - St. Petersburg Times
The St. Petersburg Times gives us a good position breakdown of the Bucs' roster. 

Projected Bucs two-deep chart -- as of today | & St. Petersburg Times
And here's a quick depth chart to go with that. 

NFL's position on personal conduct policy could impact Bucs' Aqib Talib | & St. Petersburg Times
It's pretty obvious: Goodell is not going to overlock lockout

Could The Bucs Select Pryor? | Pewter Report
Why is everyone so fascinated with a quarterback who cannot throw an accurate or powerful ball and was embroiled in scandals in college? Yeah, he's a good runner - for a quarterback. But if I wanted someone who could run, I'd get a running back. 

Preseason could have youthful look - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Most stars will be spared in preseason according to Yasinskas. I'm not so sure of that, I think you'll see preseason used as practice time. 

Bucs players patient, confident regarding NFL labor deal |
Exactly what it says. 

The irony of the Reggie Bush situation - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Pat Yasinsaks analyzes Reggie Bush

As NFL lockout wraps up, Tampa Bay Bucs to focus salary cap spending on own players - St. Petersburg Times
Dominik claims he'll focus on his own free agents. 

Have a need? UDFAs to fit every position, scheme -
Here's a good article by Rob Rang going over the top undrafted free agents.