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Daily Bucs Links 7/22/11 - There's a Proposed Labor Deal

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It was chaos yesterday, as the owners voted on a deal they had agreed to. We recapped the details of that proposal here. The players then said they needed time to go over the details and make sure there was nothing suspicious in there. They have until Tuesday to vote on this, and until Wednesday to reform as a union, according to the NFL's timeline. | NFL clubs approve comprehensive agreement
This is the agreement as the NFL made public. 

We have a (proposed) deal | National Football Post
And here is Andrew Brandt's excellent analysis of the key points of the labor deal. If you don't want to read the document itself, make sure you read this instead.

NFL: Lockout conduct could bring discipline - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The NFL will continue to enforce the Personal Conduct Policy for conduct during the lockout. I still think it's likely the NFL waits until after the 

NFL labor agreement remains in limbo - Peter King -
Peter King gives a very pessimistic view of the status of the labor situation. It's extremely unlikely talks will actually blow up, and I still think you will see the players vote in favor of this deal over the weekend after they have had time to go over everything.

Report: Players could vote on deal today | National Football Post
And here's the reason I think that. Despite the players' griping about the way owners went about this, they will vote on this, and it would be a shock if they didn't approve the deal.

Getting back to business |
Ira Kaufman goes over a number of points the Bucs will have to deal with once the lockout ends. 

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Black's Goal Is To Start | Pewter Report
Ahmad Black wants to start. I don't think he'll get to, but he'll find a way to contribute on the field. 

Missed Tackles - Three Year Bests and Worsts |
A number of Buccaneers make it into these 'worst' lists: Geno Hayes, Tanard Jackson and Ronde Barber

Free Agency 2011 - Two Views on the NFC South |
Pro Football Focus uses this opportunity to rail against Joseph again. 

Why position coaches will be key in camp | National Football Post
Matt Bowen explains the importance of position coaches, especially this year. 

ESPN Analyst Matt Williamson Part III | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
The third part of Matt Waldman interviewing Matt Williamson. If you're in any way interested in scouting and player evaluation, this is a must-read. 

Will chaos rule the day? | National Football Post
Agent Jack Bechta explains what will happen once the lockout ends. news: Can't count out Bucs creeping up on Falcons, Saints in South
Elliot Harrison is really high on the Bucs. 

Former NFL player Nate Webster accused of having sex with a minor - NFL - Sporting News
Former backup linebacker Nate Webster is accused of having sex with a minor. Webster was a Buccaneer from 2000 to 2003.

Commish for a day: Put a team in London - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Pat Yasinskas thinks it's feasible to put a team in London. It's not. Too many things the NFL does in the USA would be illegal or at least highly dubious in the UK. 

Mankins' agent: Never made money demand - New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston
Logan Mankins claims he never made a money demand. It seems immaterial now, anyway, as the NFL is not giving him anything. 

[Videos] NFL Videos: Quick hits: NFC South
Steve Wyche discusses the running back situation in the NFC South, and notes that the Bucs could add two running backs in free agency. That seems a bit much. 

The NFL's Oklahoma land rush is coming | National Football Post
Agent Leigh Steinberg compares the free agency rush that will follow the lockout to the Oklahoma Land Rush.