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Daily Bucs Links 7/19/11 - Bucs have a lot of people to sign, labor agreement done on Thursday?

With just 60 players under contract, Buccaneers have work to do | & St. Petersburg Times
The Bucs have just 60 players under contract right now, but will have a 90-player roster for training camp. The front office is going to have to negotiate a lot of contracts. 

Getting to Yes | National Football Post
Andrew Brandt details the last hurdles left before a labor agreement can be signed. news: Owners, players close to presenting deal to end NFL lockout
The players could vote on the agreement on Wednesday, while the owners have a meeting scheduled for Thursday. If both parties vote in favor of the agreement, and there's no reason to believe they won't, the lockout will finally be over. 

[Video] Breakdown with Jimmy Lake Pt. 3 - Cody Grimm |
The third Breakdown video of Cody Grimm. I love these videos, they're really informative. Jimmy Lake clearly loves Cody Grimm as a player. I don't think they're all that interested in replacing him.

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NFC South cap casualties? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Pat Yasinskas explains who could be cut for cap reasons. Here's my list for the Bucs: no one. 

League shouldn’t take action against players arrested during the lockout | ProFootballTalk
PFT suggests the league shouldn't or can't punish players for behavior during the lockout. That would be good news for Aqib Talib and Alex Magee

Inside the playbook: blitzing Jon Gruden | National Football Post
Matt Bowen explains a blitz the Redskins installed years ago to battle Jon Gruden, although he doesn't explain why, specifically, this worked so well against the Bucs. 

Lockout update: The real story behind $320 million in lost 2010 benefits - Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Doug Farrar explains what's up with these benefits the players want. Apparently, there were a lot of benefits that weren't paid in 2010 (like 401(k) plans), and the players want that back. 

Monday Morning Quarterback: Al Michaels on the nation's need for football - NFL -
The final guest column for MMQB this year, with NBC's Sunday Night Football host Al Michael taking the stage. 

Worst five NFL teams in modern history - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The worst five NFL teams ever. Surprise: the '76 Bucs make it. 

Looking at NFC South top needs - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The top needs for the Bucs according to Matt Williamson: offensive line, cornerback, running back. I would have listed linebacker as a bigger need than cornerback, as this list doesn't take into account own free agents. 

[ESPN Insider] NFL - Mel Kiper reflects on 2011 draft - Falcons, Saints, Buccaneers, Panthers - ESPN
Mel Kiper loves what the Bucs did in the draft. Risky, but with a lot of upside. He also notes that cornerback remains the one question the Bucs need to answer. I don't see it as a big problem if Talib returns. - Insider: Pryor not worth high pick in supplemental draft
In PFW's weekly article on things they heard from insider, some insider really lavishes praise on Josh Freeman - and then compares Cam Newton to him. That's scary. 

2011 Camp Check: Defensive Ends |
The Bucs' website examines the state of defensive ends.