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What were the Bucs thinking in 2009? Coaching hires that have to be fixed now

When the new regime took over in Tampa, they tried to radically change the philosophy of the team on both sides of the ball. On offense, they tried to move from a power-blocking running game with a short, west coast offense to a zone-blocking running game alongside a play-action-based, deep-ball passing attack. On defense they moved from a Tampa 2 scheme with an aggressive, gap-shooting defensive line to a man-coverage scheme with a controlling, two-gapping defensive line. 

Somehow, these radical changes didn't stick. Before the regular season started the new offensive coordinator had been fired, and Greg Olson took over, moving the Bucs back to a west-coast offense, albeit a more aggressive version than Gruden's offense. Halfway through the first season the defensive coordinator was fired, and the Bucs moved back to a base Tampa 2 defense. And with the offensive and defensive line coaches being replaced after the 2010 season, the Bucs will complete a move back to a power running game and an aggressive, gap-shooting defensive line. 

The Bucs tried to change their way of doing business, but have simply moved back to the way it was. While the results of that move have been good, those results are overshadowing the many mistakes made initially. Hopefully those mistakes were incidents, and the good decisions since are a sign of things to come.