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Tampa Bay Buccaneers will welcome Aqib Talib in training camp

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise: Jason La Canfora is reporting that the Bucs will keep Aqib Talib at least into training camp. The star cornerback got into trouble again this offseason, allegedly shooting at his sister's abusive boyfriend after an altercation featuring his mother and his sister. Lovely family. His lawyer has claimed that Aqib Talib will be acquitted of Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and the fact that he has scheduled a trial date (after the season) instead of trying to settle early would support that. 

The fact that the Bucs will welcome their best defensive player back to training camp is no surprise. Despite his off-field problems, Aqib Talib has been a good player and his commitment to the game has not come into question. In fact, he was said to be a leader on the field and in practice last season and this offseason.

The fact that the trial is not scheduled to take place until after the season also gives the Bucs an easy way to keep him while protecting their player and their brand: they simply say that he's innocent until proven guilty, and they'll wait to make a decision on his future until after the legal process is concluded. That is also likely what the NFL itself will do. While this doesn't mean Aqib Talib won't be disciplined by the Bucs in-house, it seems unlikely that he will miss much playing time because of it. He's too valuable on the field for that to happen.