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Difference in Philosophy: Huge and Tiny Running Backs

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When Mark Dominik picked up Kregg Lumpkin and Legarrette Blount off the waiver wire, he claimed he went "big back hunting". This hasn't been talked about much, but it represents a complete departure from Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen's philosophy when it comes to running backs. Under Gruden and Allen, the Bucs looked at short, shifty running backs. The back they drafted fifth overall in the 2005 draft was 5'11", 217 lb. He isn't the smallest of backs, but Cadillac certainly isn't big. And the biggest running back Gruden or Allen added to the roster was Thomas Jones at 5'10" 220 lb. Quick and shifty was Gruden's definition of a good back. 

But under Mark Dominik and Raheem Morris, the Bucs have added only big backs to the roster. The smallest back they added was Derrick Ward, at 5'11", 228 lb. Everyone else was significantly bigger. Legarrette Blount is 6'0", 247 lb. Kregg Lumpkin is listed at 5'11" 228 lb but looks a lot bigger. Allen Bradford is 5'11", 242 lb.

Gruden and Allen, they wanted backs who could make a man miss in the hole and gain extra yardage with their agility. Dominik and Morris prefer the backs who don't make people miss, but who force their way through defenders.