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Daily Bucs Links 7/15/11 - Labor negotiations are close, like, for real this time

NFL lockout: Deal on rookie pay system is essentially in place - The Washington Post
The Washington Post has a comprehensive story up on what remains to be done in these negotiations. It isn't done until the ink is dry, but it seems to be getting really close. news: Owners, players see breakthrough on rookie wage scale issue
Albert Breer and Jason La Canfora detail some other details of the negotiations. Most notably, the salary cap will be set at $123 Million next season, but will 'feel' like a $130 million cap due to exemptions. The cash spending floor will be set at 90% of the cap, which would be $110.7 million. The Bucs are currently spending $64.4 million in cash, so they will have to spend $46.3 million extra on players next season. | WTSP-TV Obtains Bucs Preseason Rights - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
JoeBucsFan got a scoop: WTSP-TV will be airing the Bucs' preseason games instead of WFLA-TV for the next two seasons. news: Competitive NFC South leaves top teams with holes to fill
Pat Kirwan looks at the holes the NFC South teams have to fill. He says it's time to start considering a down-the-road replacement for Ronde Barber. That confuses me, because the Bucs have been bringing in 'future replacements' for years on end now, so they've already done so. 

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SPORTSbyBROOKS | Bruce Feldman Suspended Indefinitely By ESPN
Here's an interesting story: Mike Leach gets fired from Texas Tech in part because ESPN writer Craig James goes after him. Mike Leach then writes a biography with ESPN writer Bruce Feldman, who got this OK'd by ESPN. The book comes out, Feldman does not promote the book, but Mike Leach criticizes Craig James in the book. And then Feldman is suspended for doing his job. Outrage ensues. 

Bucs' Glazer hopes for NFL labor deal before owners meet |
Bucs' co-chairman Bryan Glazer wants to get a labor deal done. So do I. Interestingly, the Glazers have said almost nothing about the labor situation. 

Ex-Buc Giles has his day; Williams should be next |
The Tampa Tribune argues that Doug Williams should be next. I tend to agree, as Doug Williams was a terrific quarterback for a number of years. At the same time, though, he wasn't particularly highly decorated in his time, and he was not a long-term Buc, playing in that creamsicle uniform for just 5 years. 

Williams' clinic a way of providing inspiration - Bills & NFL - The Buffalo News h/t Mac's Football Blog
Mike Williams is holding a clinic in his home town of Buffalo, New York. This is a pretty interesting read, as Williams talks about growing up without much opportunity to play and really learn football. Plus, he says he's working hard to avoid a sophomore slump.

Don't forget about the undrafted rookies | National Football Post
The NFP talks about undrafted rookies, and how they can force their way on to the roster: special teams. 

BC’S Matt Bryant hopes NFL lockout ends this week - TheRecordLive.Com
Former Bucs kicker Matt Bryant talks about the NFL Lockout, but he also offers his thoughts on Jon Gruden, who he says will return to football after next season. This makes sense: that's when the payments from the Glazers finally stop. 

PR Predicts: LB Quincy Black | Pewter Report
Pewter Report predicts that Quincy Black will not be back as a Buccaneer but will instead sign with another team. 

[Video/Audio] What The Buc? | Davin Joseph
The weekly radio/podcast show What The Buc? had Davin Joseph come in and answer questions yesterday. Definitely worth a listen.