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Daily Bucs Links 7/14/11 - Jimmie Giles Stories, Josh Freeman MVP Candidate?

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE Jimmie Giles to be inducted into Bucs' Ring of Honor - St. Petersburg Times
The St. Petersburg Times has a story on Jimmie Giles, as does every other outlet of course. 

Remembering Jimmie Giles - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Here's ESPN's story on Giles. 

Bucs adding Jimmie Giles to Ring of Honor |
The Tampa Tribune's story. 

Jimmie Giles relished early Bucs days - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
More ESPN on Jimmie Giles

Ring Of Honor Inductee TE Giles Craved Respect For '79 Bucs | Pewter Report
And Pewter Report chimes in too, of course. 

[Video]NFL Videos: Biggest storyline in NFC South
Watch Warren Sapp claim that Josh Freeman will be an MVP candidate next season. 

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Did You Know? |
The Bucs' official website goes over a number of interesting stats from last season. 

NFL Blog Blitz: Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Mason Foster
Jenna Laine interviews rookie LB Mason Foster

Brady, P.Manning, Brees: It's time for NFL deal | AP
The main named plaintiffs in the NFLPA's case against the NFL came out and said that a deal needs to get done, now. 

NFL: What's ahead if no deal this week - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
And FOX Sports gives us a pessimistic view of what happens if there's no deal this week. 

Damaged goods | National Football Post
This is a take I haven't heard before: players have already suffered a lot of physical and brain damage once they get to the NFL, but the NFL is held responsible for all of it. Should the NCAA not chip in?

Sources: NFL deal not as close as Brees suggests - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Michael Silver does his weekly flip-flop. Two weeks ago he was a pessimist. Last week he claimed a deal was really close - and now he's reporting it isn't. Good fun!

Paying the picks | National Football Post
Andrew Brandt looks at the rookie wage scale. 

Greg Cosell, Unheralded Maestro of N.F.L. 'Matchup' -
Here's a great piece on Greg Cosell, the man behind the NFL Matchup Show and one of the most insightful analysts out there.