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Davin Joseph says that he will be back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

"From everything I've been hearing, I'll be back in Tampa".

Those are the words Davin Joseph spoke today on 620 WDAE. While the lockout could change things, Davin Joseph wants to be back in Tampa, and it sounds like Joseph knows the team will make him the right offer. What was interesting about the interview, was that Davin Joseph sounded like he wanted to see this team commit to winning. While he's said that before, he also said that he was happy in Tampa, and liked where the team was heading. That seems to be the key: if Joseph thinks the team is going to be competitive in the future, then he'll be back too. And at this point, this team looks very competitive. 

Most notably, what he really liked was the coaching. When Jon Gruden was fired, the Bucs initially moved to a zone-blocking scheme. Last year they went back to the man-blocking scheme they ran under Jon Gruden, and the west-coast offense they ran with him as well. Most notably, Davin Joseph said that there really wasn't much of a difference between the end of Gruden's tenure and the current scheme. That's what really surprised me: I felt like the offense the Bucs ran last season was much more aggressive than anything Jon Gruden ever ran, but at its base it's still the same West Coast Offense. In addition to that, the defense the Bucs used last season was similar to Monte Kiffin's defense, but it was more aggressive and more diverse. 

This was a really interesting interview, and Joseph talked about a wide variety of issues. You can listen to it here.