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Daily Bucs Links 7/1/11 - Rookies Are Falling Behind, Labor Talks Continue

Bucs rookies are falling way behind |
For obvious reasons, the Bucs rookies are going to have a tough time making an impact. Though Jeff Faine's insistence that finding the cafeteria is going to be a problem seems like nonsense to me. 

McCoy Leads Clayborn's Crash-Course | Pewter Report
Gerald McCoy is helping Adrian Clayborn get acclimated, so that may help him make an impact a little earlier. 

After minicamp, Bucs players call the week a success | & St. Petersburg Times
Despite the rookies falling behind, the minicamp was a success. 

Sources: 'Bizarre' twists stifle NFL labor talks - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Michael Silver paints a very bleak picture of labor talks. At the same time, the two parties were meeting until after midnight yesterday so there's certainly a sense of urgency and a push to get things done. This doesn't strike me as a disastrous development, simply as what happens in negotiations. | Teammate Talib, Rookie Body Language & Cursing - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
According to JoeBucsFan, the rookies look lost out there. That's not very surprising. 

Suspended Safety Jackson Works Out With Bucs | Pewter Report
Pewter Report has their own story on Tanard Jackson's temporary return to the Bucs. 

Linebacker Barrett Ruud helping Bucs from afar | & St. Petersburg Times
Barrett Ruud has been mentoring Tyrone McKenzie, apparently. 

Ruud leads despite absence |
And TBO's story on Ruud's leadership. 

Who will replace Barrett Ruud for Tampa Bay Bucs? - St. Petersburg Times
The St. Petersburg Times looks at possible replacements for Barrett Ruud: Tyrone McKenzie and Mason Foster | Did Luke Stocker Reveal Insider Lockout News? - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
JoeBucsFan reads a lot into an offhand remark that suggests Stocker was told to prepare for a rookie minicamp. 

Bucs minicamp | - St. Petersburg Times
More photos of the Bucs' minicamp. 

Day 2: Mini-Camp at IMG 6/29/11
Pewter Report's pictures of day 2 of the BUcs' minicamp. 

[Video] Final workout at Bucs minicamp | & St. Petersburg Times
Video of the Bucs' last workout.

[Video] YouTube - ‪Injured Brian Price with JoeBucsFan TV‬‏
JoeBucsFan interviews Brian Price

Jon Gruden: QB Guru? | Cheesehead TV
So, does anyone know why, exactly, Jon Gruden is supposed to be a QB Guru?

Best of NFL: NFC South teams - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The Bucs have the best team facility in the NFL. One Buc Place certainly is one of the best facilities in the NFL. 

"Donald Penn is the best left tackle in football" Michael Lombardi of The NFL Network, 6/29/11 | The Finsiders
Yes, that's what Michael Lombardi said: Donald Penn is the best left tackle in football. I love Donald Penn, but the best in football? Not even close. 

[Video] NFL Videos: Biggest trash-talkers
NFL Network looked at the biggest trash-talkers in the NFL. Warren Sapp gets some mentions, of course, and Gerald McCoy points to Ray Lewis

[Video] Answer Man, 6/30/11 |
Another Trivia video from the Bucs' official website, talking about late and long scores among other things. 

Top 10 Tight Ends in N.F.L. -
Kellen Winslow makes the list at #10. 

Bucs Safety Larry Asante Fueled By His Faith | NFL Blog Blitz
Jenna Laine has a good article up on backup safety Larry Asante and his faith. 

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