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Daily Bucs Links 6/8/11 - Ronde Wants to Keep Aqib Talib, No Plax for Bucs

Ronde Barber backs Aqib Talib, talks retirement | & St. Petersburg Times
Ronde Barber loves Aqib Talib, and he really wants him back as a Buccaneer. We'll see what the Bucs do once the lockout is lifted and Talib's legal process is finished. 

Plaxico in Tampa? Move doesn't fit Bucs' master plan | & St. Petersburg Times
Will the Bucs go after Plaxico Burress? Simple answer: no. Complicated: absolutely no chance. 

Walgreens, Buccaneers Announce Partnership | 
The Bucs may be locking out players, but it's still business as usual apparently. Another sponsor for the Bucs. 

Terrelle Pryor leaves Ohio State | ProFootballTalk
Terrelle Pryor is the first of the suspended Ohio State players to leave. He'll enter the Supplemental Draft. There's a chance the Bucs spend a very late-round pick on him to groom him as a backup quarterback, but I doubt it. Pay attention to the other Ohio State players, though. The Bucs could go after OT Mike Adams if he comes out as well. 

[Video]Tampa Bay Head Coach Raheem Morris Discusses Lockout - Sports News Story - KTBS Shreveport
A short video of Raheem Morris talking lockout. 

Their Level Best | 
The official Bucs website looks at some statistical marks the Bucs achieved in their history, and which they have yet to reach. 

PR Predicts: LB Barrett Ruud | Pewter Report
Pewter Report talks about Barrett Ruud. They seem to think that Ruud will be back for one season with the Bucs. Honestly, I don't see Ruud agreeing to a one-year contract. He was very disappointed he didn't get a long-term contract the past two seasons. I think he tests the market and finds a home somewhere. 

NFL, players continue not-so-secret talks on Tuesday | ProFootballTalk
The secret settlement talks are continuing. Good news for fans of football. 


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