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5 Free Agents to Avoid

A little while ago I talked about a handful of free agents that should be given a look.  I've finally gotten around to discussing the top free agents I'd rather Tampa not  bring in.  Some of these players are listed because I don't feel they will be able to contribute enough on the field, and others will have an asking price that won't be directly proportional to production.

This list also is going to assume that the current CBA will not carry over, so every free agent (whether they be tendered or otherwise) will be considered unrestricted.

In no particular order:

Ahmad Bradshaw - RB - Bradshaw comes with many pros.  He's young, can catch out of the backfield, and is the type of back who would compliment LeGarrette Blount in terms of speed and agility.  Unfortunately he will be very expensive to obtain.  Tampa has plenty of money, however it would be better used elsewhere as Bradshaw would be looking for superstar pay.  They already have a feature running back and it would result in touches being taken away from Blount.  Also, for someone who will command a big pay day, Ahmad has injury concerns and tends to put the ball on the ground.

Ray Edwards - DE - Edwards has had a very career and is coming off one of his best seasons.  My issue is that he has been able to do great things on a great defensive line.  Lineman have to worry about the WIlliams Wall and also deal with Jared Allen.  Those three are each all-star caliber players, and that has enabled Edwards to unlock his full potential.  If he were to come to Tampa he'd be along side three players with a combined two years of experience.  Furthermore, he would start in front of one of the rookie DE's, stunting their growth.  The Buc's don't know what they have in Clayborn or Bowers aside from potential- and they have a lot invested in those two.  Naturally, if Bowers' kneecap falls out of his leg and Edwards is still on the market, I'd want to bring him in.

Zach Miller - TE - Unquestionably a talented receiver, he would contribute to a position that is not in need of his skill set.  Tampa has a better pass catcher in Kellen Winslow, and Miller is only a negligible upgrade at blocker.  If they were both on the field the defenses would know a pass was coming.  Miller would be wasted on the bench too often in case Winslow got injured. Fortunately, even though he has been injury prone in the past he hasn't missed a game in the two seasons he's been a Buc.

Terrell Owens - WR - T.O. had another great year, especially considering the fact that he was selected in the same draft as Keyshawn Johnson.  At 37 years old he would get a one year deal and bring poison into the locker room.  

Randy Moss - WR - Moss will be remembered as a more talented receiver than Owens, but he hasn't taken nearly as good care of himself.  He has slowed down and doesn't show off his incredible jumping ability if he still has it.  Moss' laziness has also increased with giving up on routes and choosing not to block on running plays.  Owens and Moss can be lumped together as old receivers that wouldn't be worth the veteran minimum- and neither player will accept that amount.  T.O.'s attitude would cause migraines and Moss would bring both a loud mouth and overrated ability.  Tampa has a stud in Mike Williams and Arrelious Benn is ahead of schedule on his knee rehab.  Fans also shouldn't forget about Dezmon Briscoe who has shown a lot of promise.  These receivers are on here namely because they will both go into the hall of fame, would sell a lot of jerseys, and would put people in the seats.  Those kinds of players have the ability to seduce teams into making the mistake of signing them.  Ultimately, wide receiver is no longer a position of need.

Disagreements and suggestions are welcome and expected.