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Daily Bucs Links 5/6/11 - Bucs QBs Studying, Lockout Talk

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterbacks keep a busy schedule - St. Petersburg Times
All three Bucs QBs have been studying a lot of game film these past months. Greg Olson made sure that the QBs would have all the film they could want at home, so they wouldn't be stuck without the option to study in a lockout. 

You have questions about the NFL lockout? I’ve got answers. | TexansChick | a blog
Stephanie Stradley has a comprehensive and easy to understand Q&A up about the NFL lockout. If you're still a little confused about what's happening or just want to know more, make sure to read that. 

NFL Videos: Tight end 101 with Kellen Winslow
Kellen Winslow shows off his skills as a tight end in this video for NFL Network | First Five Picks Will Wear Helmets On Sundays - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Shelton Quarles, Bucs' Coordinator of Pro Scouting, claims the first four or five draft picks will play immediately. Those would be DEs Adrian Clayborn and Da'Quan Bowers, LB Mason Foster, TE Luke Stocker and S Ahmad Black, though I'd expect the latter to make an impact mostly on special teams and in sub-packages on defense. 

NFL Videos: Top 10 comebacks of all time
NFL Network looks at the Top 10 Comebacks of All Time. At #5: the Indianapolis Colts beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football after being down 14-35. That 2003 game was the beginning of the collapse of the post-Super Bowl Bucs. The Colts managed to score 3 touchdowns in just 3:37, and then added a field goal in overtime after their first (missed) field goal had to be retaken because Simeon Rice was called for 'leaping'. That was an ugly game for the Bucs, but they'll have a chance to avenge that loss this year, as the Bucs take on the Colts on Monday Night Football on October 3.

Barber Considers Second Career With Bucs, Media | Pewter Report 
Ronde Barber talks about his post-career plans. He doesn't want to coach because of the long hours, but he could see himself working in the front office or in the media. 

Strong leadership is key in NFL labor disputes | thinks the Bucs will have an advantage this season because the team respects Raheem Morris, as the Redskins respected Joe Gibbs in '82 and '87 when they won Super Bowls in strike years.


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