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Final Bucs Minicamp Notes

As the 3-day minicamp ended today, here's a set of new notes on the minicamp. Make sure to read through the old ones as well.


  • Some 50 players attended the first two days, including many linemen, and about 40 attended the last day. 
  • Legarrette Blount, Cadillac Williams were the significant absences on offense. Blount had a prior business engagement, while Cadillac Williams was preparing for his upcoming wedding. Both players have attended many previous workouts. 
  • On defense, Barrett Ruud, Ronde Barber and Geno Hayes were significant absences. Ronde Barber was supposedly under the weather. Ruud was advised by his agent not to come as he's a free agent, while it's not known why Geno Hayes was absent. None of these three player should really need this workout to play well. 
  • Of the rookies, Luke Stocker, Adrian Clayborn and Mason Foster showed up, with Stocker missing the first day to be at the Rookie Symposium. 
  • Tyrone McKenzie flew to Omaha, while Ruud drove down there from Nebraska to go over the defense and watch tape. This shows both McKenzie's dedication to the job as well as Ruud's leadership and willingness to help out even his competition. 
  • Tanard Jackson showed up and looked great. 
  • Tyrone McKenzie is getting a lot of props for helping set this up on the defensive side of the ball. He's really showing his leadership this offseason, despite only playing a few downs for the Bucs so far. 
  • Kyle Moore looked in shape and ready to compete for his job.