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Daily Bucs Links - 3/6/11 - Bucs Counting on Michael Bennett, Ronde Barber on Aqib Talib

Barber Stands By Talib, Says Bucs Should Not Release Him | Pewter Report
Ronde Barber talks about Aqib Talib. He claims that Talib is a great teammate and a great player with tremendous football player. But he also says that he doesn't know what really happened, and that Talib does keep getting into trouble. Still, he doesn't want the Bucs to cut Talib, because Talib is one of the family and needs guidance, not abandonment. 

Talib attorney will ask for a quick trial | & St. Petersburg Times
Aqib Talib's attorney will try to get an expedited trial to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. 

Bucs Have Big Expectations For Bennett | Pewter Report

With two rookies projected to be starters at defensive end, the more experienced and highly talented Michael Bennett could have a bigger role in 2011. 

[Video] Buccaneers Insider, 6/1/11
The Bucs website published another video. This time, it features the top 10 pass plays, the top 10 run plays and the top 10 defensive plays of the year. It's a fun video and at least it's some kind of football to watch. 

Currently non-existent Lions defensive line gets a nickname - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
The Lions D-Line got a nickname: 'Silver Crush'. The Bucs have invested more in their D-line than the Lions have thus far. So what would you call the Bucs' D-line?

Kellen Winslow and Ronde Barber to appear on NFL Total Access - from Sports
Winslow will be on NFL Total Access on NFL Network at 7 P.M. tonight, while Barber will appear on the show on Monday at 7 P.M.

Buccaneers crave better starts in 2011 - from Sports
The Bucs were pretty horrible in the first quarter last season, and they need to improve on that. news: Stafford, Britt could be on verge of huge fantasy seasons
This article talks about fantasy football, and sees Josh Freeman as great value next season. 

Seahawks get together for large workout - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The Seahawks got together for some workouts, and Bucs rookie LB Mason Foster was right there with them. For those of you asking why he isn't in Tampa: keep in mind that he currently has no income and no way of knowing when he will get paid, so traveling to Tampa and making arrangements to stay there can be tricky. | "At The End Of The Day, It Was Raheem." - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Bryan Glazer went on the radio to talk about the Bucs, and JoeBucsFan was good enough to transcribe the interview. There isn't a lot of insight there, though. | Bryan Glazer Talks Super Bowl - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Shocking news: the Glazers want to host the Super Bowl.

DirecTV won’t charge for Sunday Ticket until lockout is resolved | ProFootballTalk
For those of you with Sunday Ticket, DirecTV isn't charging you until they're certain football will be played. 

League, NFLPA* issue joint statement on not-so-secret talks | ProFootballTalk
The NFL and the NFLPA met for settlement talks these past two days.