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Good Players are Consistent - So How Many Consistent Players Do The Bucs Have?

When discussing young players, we always talk about potential and flashing skills. You'll see a rookie do something incredible on one play, and then disappear on the next five. The Bucs have plenty of those players on the roster: Arrelious Benn, Gerald McCoy, Geno Hayes, Myron Lewis, Michael Bennett and Legarrette Blount, Aqib Talib are just some of the players who flashed some great skills but couldn't do that every play. 

To really be a good player in the NFL you need to do more than flash skills, you need to be consistent play-in, play-out, game-in, game-out. The Bucs lacked that consistency in many players last season. None of the offensive linemen were consistently good, all making some ugly plays at times. None of the defensive linemen were consistent either. Aqib Talib made some spectacular interceptions, but gave up his share of long touchdowns as well. 

However, there were some players who performed consistently each play. Josh Freeman was amazingly consistent last year, making very few mistakes and consistently moving the Bucs down the field each game. Mike Williams was similar, playing well every game despite dropping a few easy catches on short routes. Quincy Black and Barrett Ruud both played consistently if anonymously every game. While neither player made a big impact, they did were consistent in executing their assignments. The same goes for Adam Hayward and Dekoda Watson, who replaced Quincy Black in platoon duty late in the season. Sean Jones is another defensive player who always performed well, and there's always Ronde Barber. Finally, Cody Grimm was amazingly consistent as well, making only a few mistakes throughout the season. 


But this is a bit of a meager list, especially so because several of these players are consistently mediocre, and not consistently good. The Bucs have plenty of talent on the roster, but those talented players will have to turn that talent into consistent play, or they'll never get past the 'potential' stage.