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NFL Will Enforce Personal Conduct Policy

Here's some bad news for Aqib Talib: it seems the NFL will want to dole out punishment for misbehavior by players during the lockout. The NFLPA is likely to fight this, but it is impossible to say whether they will succeed. Aqib Talib is currently charged with Felony Assault With a Deadly Weapon, and if convicted will face prison time. It is unlikely to come to that, though, as his lawyers sound confident and will push for a trial in lieu of coming to a plea deal. The fact that trial is not likely to come to a conclusion until after the season will likely delay the NFL's reaction, as they usually wait for the legal process to play out before doling out any punishment. If Talib is indeed found innocent, it would be unseemly for the NFL to punish him,  but if a plea bargain is agreed upon he is unlikely to escape a suspension. 

Aqib Talib isn't the only Buccaneer affected by this, however, as Alex Magee's marijuana citation could lead to additional punishment by the league as well. This would likely fall under the substance abuse policy, which means Alex Magee would either be placed on the list of offenders (which would mean no punishment), or suspended for four games if he's already on that list. That is, if the NFL chooses to see that citation as proof of marijuana use.