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The Buccaneers Want To Keep a Veteran Defensive End - But Which One?

According to Pro Football Weekly, the Bucs want to re-sign either Tim Crowder or Stylez G. White, though they'd prefer to re-sign Crowder. This makes sense, as the Bucs lack any veteran presence on the defensive line, and 5th-year players Crowder and White are more experienced than any of the defensive ends under contract. While neither player is expected to start with Da'Quan Bowers and Adrian Clayborn coming in, defensive linemen rotate a lot and any team needs more than 2 good defensive ends. The Bucs seem to be counting on Michael Bennett to step it up next season, but he's hardly more experienced than a rookie. The Bucs need at least one defensive ends they know they can rely on, and they will have to choose between Stylez G. White and Tim Crowder.

There's something to be said for either player. Tim Crowder is hard worker who has been relatively productive as a backup and occasional starter these past seasons. He's always been solid, but never more than that. Stylez G. White, on the other hand, is different. He's been criticized for poor practice habits, but he is easily the better player of the two. Unfortunately for him, he's also six years older which means he is likely to start declining, if he hasn't already.

So, which player would you like to see back?