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Daily Bucs Links 6/27/11 - Loss of OTAs Affects Buccaneers In Several Ways

How The Loss Of OTAs Has Affected The Bucs | Pewter Report
Pewter Report shows some different ways in which the Bucs have been affected negatively by the loss of OTAs. This is worth a read, as it contains several interesting notes on some Bucs we've heard little of. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers must make good on promise to re-sign young stars - St. Petersburg Times
The Glazers said that they would spend when the time was right, and would re-sign their own free agents. The St. Petersburg Times intends to keep them to that promise, though I doubt they'll be led by that newspaper. | THE OPTIMIST: The Greatness Of Culverhouse
Former Bucs Nation editor Niko Houllis argues that former Bucs owner Hugh Culverhouse was a good owner. Or at least, that's what he tries to do, but reading his piece I come away with the impression that Culverhouse only spent in the first couple of years before becoming a cheapskate and running the franchise into the ground on the field. 

Baker's PlaySmart Camp Comes to One Buc
Bucs linebackers coach Joe Baker is holding his charity camp at One Bucs Place. 

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
The NFP Sunday Blitz is always worth a read, even if it doesn't contain any Bucs notes. 

Cold, Hard Football Final 2010 Passer Rating Differential
This seems like a bit of a pointless statistic, but still: the Bucs ranked 5th last season in Passer Rating differential. 

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