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There Will Be Plenty of Good Rookies To Pick Up During The Season

The Bucs have done a good job not only drafting, but also picking up players after the draft to add young talent to their team. Starting LG Ted Larsen, starting RB Legarrette Blount, RG Derek Hardman and WR Dezmon Briscoe are just some of those players who managed to earn some significant playing time last season. However, the Bucs were surely aided by the low base level of talent on the team and the numerous injuries.

This year, the Bucs will find it hard to replicate last season's feat simply because that talent level on the team has increased, and it is unlikely the Bucs will suffer as many injuries this year. But there's one reason why Tampa Bay will be able to add some talented rookies to the team during the season: the lockout. We've all heard how the young players are missing coaching during the lockout, but this goes for every rookie across the NFL. This also means that rookies are more likely to be cut at some point during the season, as they will struggle to keep up with veteran players who have a much better grasp of the playbook. This should allow the Bucs to again add some talent to the team throughout the season.