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Tyrone McKenzie Is Stepping Up - A Leader On Defense?

While we all know that Josh Freeman has been leading workouts on the offensive side of the ball, we haven't heard much about the organizers on the defensive side of the ball. But according to Pewter Report, third-year linebacker Tyrone McKenzie has been leading the defense. Not only that, but he's been the main impetus behind getting defensive players to show up.

This is doubly surprising because until midway through the 2010 season, McKenzie wasn't even a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. And when he was signed by the Bucs, he started out on the practice squad. He hasn't taken more than a handful of snaps for the Bucs, yet somehow he's managed to build some hype around him. Supposedly he is a hard-working, hard-studying and physically gifted player. And now he's leading workouts without even having any starting experience. The Bucs haven't had a real leader on defense since Derrick Brooks was cut, but it looks like they may have a new one.