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Mike Williams Will Not Be The Second Coming of Michael Clayton

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Mike Williams was easily the Bucs' most dangerous receiving weapon last season. He had 964 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns on 65 catches. He showed good route-running skills, deceptive elusiveness after the catch, a great ability to win in jump ball situations and some good chemistry with Josh Freeman. But we all remember Michael Clayton's rookie season (80 catches, 1193 yards and 7 TDs) and the horrible receiver he turned into - which somehow still got him a big second contract.

This means Bucs fans are a bit apprehensive about expecting Mike Williams to continue his stellar play, but there's really no need to: of all rookie receivers with at least 900 yards receiving, Michael Clayton had the worst career - by far. No one else comes close. The average total receiving yards in a sophomore season of a receiver who had at least 900 yards as a rookie is 889 yards. That includes a number of injury-shortened seasons. While a sophomore slump was frequent, it was not universal, and Michael Clayton had the worst of them all. 

Expecting Mike Williams to be as good as he was last season may be a bit much, though it's certainly possible. At least it's safe to say that he at least will have a good season - barring injury.