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Daily Bucs Links 24/6/11 - Gerald McCoy Ready To Break Through, More CBA Talk - NFC South best bets to break through in 2011
For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, PFW lists Gerald McCoy as the most likely candidate to break out next season for the Buccaneers. Seems right to me. 

Mac's Football Blog: Possible One-Year Rule Changes Post-Lockout
This is a good summary of a number of proposed temporary rule changes to help the league transition to the new rules. Right of First Refusal on free agents and an expansion of training camp rosters are the key proposals. 

Source: NFLPA* tells players that a deal isn’t close | ProFootballTalk
Yes, you read that right, tons of optimism and then this happens. Of course, it probably doesn't mean anything because even if a deal was close, De Smith wouldn't be saying so. It's all about negotiating leverage, of course. 

Scouting out NFC South salary-cap room - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Pat Yasinskas shows us the cap numbers for the NFC South, and the consequences of those numbers. Unfortunately, Yasinskas is working with cap numbers instead of cash numbers, which makes this information somewhat misleading. news: Respected veterans top list of NFL's best corners
Pat Kirwan throws Aqib Talib in Group C with the cornerbacks. 

No vote by NFL owners on blackout capacity changes | & St. Petersburg Times
There were some proposed rule changes that would allow teams to cover up part of their stadiums to avoid blackouts, but owners haven't talked about that yet. Even if such a rule was passed it remains to be seen whether the Bucs would use it, as they would lose part of their stadium capacity for a season or longer, depending on the wording of the rule. 

The Legendary Singing Stars | Sail On Super Star | CD Baby featuring Da'Quan Bowers
Yep, Da'Quan Bowers plays the guitar on this gospel CD. 

NFL Videos: Favorite NFL memory
A number of players talk about their favorite memory, including Gerald McCoy, whose favorite memory is the Super Bowl 37: Oakland Raiders 21 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48

Estimating how free agency could unfold - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Pat Yasinskas details how he sees free agency happening: a ten-day window to get everything done, starting mid-July. news: Owners, NFLPA regain trust with 'all revenue' model
Albert Breer details how the NFL and NFLPA have gotten closer together recently. 

A season of unpredictability | National Football Post
Power agent Leigh Steinberg explains why this season is different from previous, and what the consequences of the lockout will be.