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Another Bucs employee arrested

Just when I thought we could get through a couple of weeks without this happening. This time, a certain Brian Weiss was arrested. It's no surprise if you've never heard of him before: he appears to have been the team's Luxury Suite Sales Manager. I write 'have been', because according to Pro Football Talk the Bucs have already 'parted ways with' (read: fired immediately) the man in question. And rightfully so, this wasn't a DUI he was arrested for, it was a sex sting operation that got him booked. And it wasn't just a count of soliciting a prostitute - supposedly, he was coming to a vacation home to have sex with girls ranging 9 to 14 in age. If the allegations are true, he along with other defendants could face 25 years. 

So, let's see. That's one marijuana possession count for Alex Magee, one DUI for Coordinator of Pro Scouting Shelton Quarles, one DUI for Personal Assistent to the Head Coach Jay Kaiser, one Assault With a Deadly Weapon for Aqib Talib and one count of attempted child sexual abuse for (now former) Luxury Suite Sales Manager Brian Weiss. The Bucs are sure keeping busy. 

At least they fired this one.