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Daily Bucs Links - 2/6/11 - Aqib Talib Appears In Court, Bucs 13th Best Organization?

Talib case back in court Thursday | & St. Petersburg Times
Aqib Talib's court case starts today, as the cornerback will appear in court. | Inside Talib’s Case File - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
JoeBucsFan delves into Talib's case file and tries to summarize what the charges and evidence are. So far, it looks like nothing's really clear, which is good news for Talib given the principle of "innocent until proven guilty".

Prelude to the Appeal | National Football Post
Andrew Brandt puts together a good summary of the status of the labor dispute and what's going to happen now. 

Punk move by Panthers players to lock out media - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Michael Silver decides that the Panthers are punks because they're not allowing the media to report on their workouts. There's a bunch of stuff in there about the players needing to promote themselves or something, but really? The players want to keep the focus on football itself, not on what the media wants to write about it. I don't see the problem here. 

Green Bay Packers are best NFL organization in 2011 rankings - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Adam Schein ranks the Bucs as the 13th best organization in the NFL. I can't really argue with any of the other teams being ranked higher, except for the Seahawks

Voice Recognition: Deckerhoff Signs New Deal
Gene Deckerhoff has signed on to do the Bucs radio play-by-play for another two years. He's been the Bucs' play-by-play voice for the past 22 seasons, and no Bucs game would be complete without his "Touchdown Tampa Bay!"