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Oh no! The CBA Deal Is Falling Apart! Everyone Panic Now!

Reports are coming out that some owners don't like where these negotiations are heading. The 'framework' of the deal seems poor to them, and just when things were looking good too. With a handful of owners looking to sabotage these negotiations we are truly in dire straits, and need to start panicking. It might be time to start lining up on a bridge to jump to a watery grave, as the prospect of NFL Football in 2011 grows less likely with every passing second. 

Wait. I'm hearing something here. Oh, right: stuff like this happens in negotiations. Sides get close to a deal, re-evaluate, and figure out that they're not entirely happy. Then they continue negotiating. In this case it's probably not even that severe. Albert Breer of NFL Network notes that this disagreement among owners isn't even new, just something that's coming to the forefront now that a deal is closer to completion. 

The issue seems to be that some owners with major business interests outside the NFL are worried about the economy going into the tank again. A valid concern, but not one that is big enough to derail any negotiations. By the way, an example of owners with major business interest outside the NFL: the Glazers. In part, this whole lockout is a result of inter-owner strife, as revenue sharing is the big issue no one's talking about. Ultimately, though, the fact that the parties are talking, are making progress and are not talking about any details whatsoever in public is much more telling than leaks to the press about 'unhappy owners'. 

A deal will get done, and likely in the next month or so. This doesn't really change anything about the situation at hand. Move along, people, nothing to see here.