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Daily Bucs Links 6/16/11 - Mason Foster Working Out in Washington, Aqib Talib Helped By CBA Negotiations

Foster Can't Wait For Lockout To End | Pewter Report
While the lockout is ongoing, rookie LB Mason Foster is forced to stay in Washington and train there. None of the rookies are under contract, which means they have no income and can't pay their way to Tampa. In a non-lockout year the team would be paying for accommodations and travel arrangements. 

Bucs Report -Tribune staff: NFLPA fighting to keep Talib on the field - from Sports
In the past years Roger Goodell has handed out punishment to players at will, but the NFLPA is trying to change that in the CBA negotiations. 

Warrick Dunn, former Florida State star, to receive Jefferson Award - Orlando Sentinel
Warrick Dunn has been honored with a Jefferson Award, also known as the "Nobel Prize for Public Service". Dunn has always been heavily involved in charity, and is one of the classiest guys the Bucs have ever employed.

As NFL lockout nears possible end, Bucs have their hands full | & St. Petersburg Times
The St. Petersburg Times takes a look at what the Bucs need to do when the lockout ends. - Matching passing talent to schemes keys QB success
Pro Football Weekly examines the style of passing offenses in the league. They peg the Bucs' offense as a downfield passing game working off the power-run game. That seems right to me, although I think the Bucs will start to move to a more matchup-based system as Freeman gets better. news: Protect and serve: NFL's best O-linemen come in all forms
Pat Kirwan ranks the top 25 offensive linemen, and no Buccaneer is listed. Hardly a surprise, and I don't think any of the Bucs' linemen deserve to be on that list. news: NFL-player talks moving forward; more meetings planned
There's some more CBA progress, as the parties continue to meet and negotiate. 

Next CBA Could Require The Bucs To Spend | Pewter Report
The Bucs will likely have to spend next season because of a higher salary floor. But Pewter Report kind of contradicts this by saying that the Bucs will simply spend on their own free agents. They also assert that a few contracts have been structured to increase in value in 2011. 

Saints No. 3 franchise in sports world - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Yes, the New Orleans Saints are listed as the 3rd best sports franchise in the world. Eh....what? Interestingly, the Tampa Bay Lightning came in second. The Bucs were listed at # 59. 

Call It: NFC South Hall of Famer - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Pat Yasinskas wants to know who's most likely to be a Hall of Famer, listing 5 NFC South Players. Tony Gonzalez is a certain first-ballot Hall of Famer, but Ronde Barber might be the next most likely player to go in. | The Poz Couldn’t Replace Barrett Ruud - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
JoeBucsFan talks about Paul Posluszny possibly replacing Barrett Ruud

YouTube - Video: Rays post game. 
Raheem Morris is getting close with Rays manager Joe Maddon. H/t JoeBucsFan